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Watching England v Belgium at Wembley

By Fiona Wilkins - March 28th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Some of our students were lucky enough to attend the recent England v Belgium match at Wembley. With only a few tickets available, students were chosen during an interhouse event. The students who showed our PRIDE values during the event were given the opportunity to go.

Excitement built throughout the day and , at 4,30pm everyone boarded the minibus and they were on their way. First stop was McDonalds where everyone made sure they filled up – nobody wanted to be hungry in the stadium! Once we had parked nearby, we walked to the stadium and took our seats with time to spare. Sitting 11 rows from the pitch , everyone had a great view and it felt like the players were in touching distance.

Before the match there was music and a display from some of the  armed forces.

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Once the match had started there was a lot of cheering and shouting – especially from the PRIDE students.

Everyone agreed it was an absolutely thrilling match and the last minute goal from England really added to the excitement,  We all made great memories and everyone agreed they can’t wait to go again.

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