Ethos and Values

The aim is for our young people to lead a happy and holistically prosperous life by developing the skills for them to move successfully along their life journeys. This includes academic outcomes that reflects the best of their abilities, being able to sustain relationships and employment and maintaining healthy households.

The PRIDE Academy follows a reflective and restorative approach with students, as opposed to for or to them. This allows staff and students to work collaboratively in a solution focused thinking manner.

The common thread throughout the school is based on 3 reflective questions:

Where are we? – our current attainment, the work we have completed, in our performance targets

What have we tried? – our achievements so far, things that are working

How do we move forward? – our next actions, targets and goals


We value our PRIDE principles and strongly align these with our BRITISH VALUES (Rule of Law, Democracy, Mutual Respect and Individual Liberty):

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Perseverance – we keep trying, no matter what

Respect –we show consideration to each other, our building and our community

Integrity – we are honest and fair

Diversity – we recognise our individual differences

Empathy – we notice, understand and share the emotions of others


Our aims are:

  • To work with our students to build confidence in their abilities to succeed at school and as adults.
  • To teach our students to keep themselves healthy and safe.
  • To help our students to learn to understand and manage their feelings.
  • To provide help for parents and carers to support and nurture their children.
  • To support schools across the borough where pupils are experiencing behavioural, emotional or social difficulties.
Respect and Empathy Policy