The Curriculum at The PRIDE Academy is broad, balanced and diverse.

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Please find further information outlining the curriculum for subjects taught below:

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English Curriculum Overview

English is taught from Year 7 to Year 11. Students are given the opportunity to gain the following qualifications in Years 10 & 11:

Entry Level/Functional Skills/ AQA GCSE English Language

English Curriculum Map

Maths Curriculum Overview

Maths is taught in all Years 7 to 11 and students are given the opportunity to gain qualifications in Years 10 &11:

  • Entry Level 1-3
  • Functional Skills Levels 1&2
  • Edexcel GCSE Maths

Maths Curriculum Map

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Science Curriculum Overview

Students are taught general science in Years 7-9. In Year 10 & 11 they follow the AQA GCSE Biology curriculum and are encouraged to sit the examination at the end of the course.

Biology and Science Curriculum Map

Art Curriculum Overview

In Years 7-9 students are introduced to a wide spectrum of techniques including line drawing, pastels, oils, pottery and collage.

GCSE Art is offered to students in Years 10 &11.

Art Curriculum Map

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Dance and Drama Curriculum Overview

Dance and Drama is taught in Years 7 &8 and students will be encouraged to develop their physical, expressive, technical, and mental performance skills through the mediums of dance and drama.

Dance and Drama Curriculum Map

Design Technology and Construction Overview

Design and Technology is taught in Years 7, 8 & 9 and Construction is offered as an optional subject in Years 10 & 11 with the opportunity to gain the WJEC Construction qualification.

DT & Construction Curriculum Map


Food Technology Curriculum Overview

Students in Years 7-11 are taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.

Food Technology Curriculum Map

Humanities Curriculum Overview

Humanities are taught in Years 7, 8 &9 and the curriculum is designed to develop students’ knowledge of the world around them, world religions and world history.

Humanities Curriculum Map

Motor Mechanics

Motor Vehicle Course

A Motor Vehicle Course is offered as an optional subject in Years 10 & 11.

In Year 10 students can gain an IMI Entry Level 3 award for the Introduction to MV industry and technology.

In Year 11 they can be enter for the IMI L1 award in Transport Maintenance.

Motor Vehicle Course

Music Curriculum Overview

Music is taught in Years 7, 8 &9 and students develop practical music skills including drumming, keyboard, singing, ukele and performance skills.

Music Curriculum Map 


PE Curriculum Overview

Physical Education is taught in all Years 7-11 and there are opportunities to develop skills and participate in activities including football, badminton, basketball, boxing, gymnastics, handball, table tennis, tennis and Health Related Fitness.

Students can gain a NCFE Level 1/2 award in Health and Fitness in Years 10 & 11.

PE Curriculum Map

PSHE/RSE Skills Curriculum Overview

In PSHE lessons, we give our students the knowledge, understanding and
emotions to enable them to play an active role in society. We have a thoughtful and mindful
approach to PSHE; taking into consideration the social, emotional and mental health needs
of our young people.

In Years 10 &11 students are entered for the AQA Unit Award in Personal Safety at Level 1/2

PSHE/RSE Skills Award Curriculum Map


Photography Curriculum Overview

Photography is introduced in Year 9 as part of Art lessons and is offered as an optional course in Years 10 & 11.

Photography Course

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme takes students outside the comfort zone of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to learn employability skills including communication, team work, decision making and leadership.

The DofE award is offered to students in Years10 & 11.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Curriculum Map