Enterprise 2

Prime Enterprise Day

By Fiona Wilkins - November 28th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Students did a fantastic job to come up with a new soft drink that could take the market by storm on this term’s Enterprise Day. They worked in mixed year group house teams to design their drink and then come up with labels and a business plan for their drinks.

The groups had to think about the nutritional benefits of the drinks as well as the cost to produce it. They had to use their maths skills to work out a price to sell the drink to ensure they made a profit. They also had to design a label and logo for their product, work out their target market and where they would like to sell the product.

The day culminated with the groups preparing a presentation and pitching their new drinks to the judging panel who also got to try the delicious creations.

It was inspiring to see all the students getting involved in the day and using their creative skills to design and pitch their new product. Every group made a real effort and the judging panel was impressed with the effort that had gone into the drinks and their pitches. They saw students using skills learnt in maths (calculating costs), science (researching nutritional benefits of ingredients), English (creative writing) and so much more.

Well done everyone. We hope the winners will enjoy their reward trip and it will inspire students to try hard in next term’s Enterprise Challenge.