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Racing to School

By Fiona Wilkins - May 24th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Our year 7 students visited Sandown Race course for a Maths Curriculum event hosted by Racing To School. They are an education charity that aims to inspire young minds through the provision of free, interactive, and healthy outdoor educational events for schools, staged at a variety of racing venues.

First, we visited the stables of a very successful trainer. Students met a lot of horses, one who had raced in the Grand National. They learnt about the types of horses that race, the names for their colours and a lot of horse facts. They were able to stroke the friendly ones too.

We than went to Sandown Racecourse. Everyone  walked along the race course and even went into the Jockey’s room and tried on their clothes. Those who wanted to were weighed on the big scales the jockeys use before and after a race – Mr Crowe even volunteered to join in.

It was a lovely day and  students learnt a lot about racing and it opened their minds up to different career choices.