Worries and Concerns

At The PRIDE Academy we have an open-door policy, these means you can come and speak to us at any time, and we hope that you will come and talk to us if you have any concerns.

You will not get into trouble for telling us about your complaint, concern or worry but we cannot keep secrets if we think you or someone else is at risk.

What do I do if I feel a member of staff or student has treated me unfairly?

If you feel you have been unfairly treated by a member of staff or student you can speak to any of the people below:

  • Your Tutor
  • Your Skills Coach
  • Any member of SLT
  • Any member of staff you feel comfortable with
  • Your family

You can also write your complaint, concern or worry down and post it in the Worry Boxes.

Or complete the online form below:

Worry, concern or complaint form

(so we can follow up with you)
Select who you would like to send this to:(Required)

What will happen to my complaint?

  • You will be listened to
  • If appropriate, the complaint will be passed on to the Senior Leadership Team
  • The person you have made the complaint about will be asked what happened

If you wish, we will arrange for you to meet with the member of staff/student you have made the complaint about to see if we can sort it out. The person you spoke to first will also be with you at this meeting.

What will happen if I feel things have not been sorted out?

If you wish to continue with your complaint you can arrange to speak to the Principal or another member of staff who will meet you as soon as possible.

  • If you wish, another adult can be invited to this meeting
  • After this meeting the Principal or member of staff will let you know if any further action is required

Who else can I speak to about my complaint?

If you still feel that things have not been sorted out, you can contact one of the people below. They will listen to your complaint and then let you know as soon as possible whether further action is required.

· Chair of Governors – Suzanna Challenger Clerk@ohcat.org

· The Children’s Rights Director – 0800 5280731

· National Youth Advocacy Service – 0300 330 3131

· Childline – 0800 1111

· NSPCC – 0800 136663